Sambokojin in SM Southmall

SAMBOKOJIN is an ‘eat all you can’ Yakiniku restaurant which caters Japanese and Korean cuisines and has branches in SM Southmall, Eastwood, EDSA, and West Avenue. Comfortable seats, grills with exhaust system, and numerous buffet bars with fresh from the catch raw meats and seafoods are amongst the  things they have to be proud of.

We went there on a Thursday and arrived after noon. We had to wait for more or less 30-minutes to be seated. Good thing they were sensitive enough to line chairs beside the receptionist’s podium to make waiting a little more convenient. To those who want to avoid waiting like we did, call them at least 30 minutes before your estimated time of arrival at (632) 511-7843 / (632) 511-7853 / 0917-8107833 /0908-8757833 and make reservations.

The dining area is hailing in white, black, and red. The place is well-lit in yellowish tones which is sooooo awesome for photo opps. And the atmosphere? It’s just right for an overwhelming-your-tummy day.

My first dish was a plate full of Sashimi (raw fish) with freshly sliced pickled ginger on the side.

Sashimi and Pickled Ginger

They also have a selection of sauces sitting on top of each table.  We consumed the Sambokojin sauce like hippos  which went well on both meat and seafood by the way, and emptied a container of Teriyaki sauce simply because we can and we wanted to try everything on everything. Please don’t forget the  Sesame Oil which is necessary for grilling and plating. (Insert cute smiles here.)


Let’s not forget the orgasmic Kamameshi Rice. It is a traditional Japanese rice cooked in a kettle or an iron pot called kama (Wikipedia, 2013). It’s not available in the buffet area but you could ask their ever-accommodating servers for a pot filled with rice, meat, and vegetables. I divided the serving in four and refused to ask for more. You know how instant rice can make you feel full, right? But if ever I’m capable of not bloating, I – alone- could finish this thing off. Give it a try. This is something which is not offered until it’s asked for – more often than not.


That smokeless grill. You’ll find slices of fish, mushrooms, shrimps, and some seafood and veggies rolled in beef or bacon here.


Some Sushi, California Unagi rolls, and Maki.


The meat bars. And I said ‘bars’ with the s.


Some vegetables, quail eggs, and corn.

IMG_1238 More Sushi and Sashimi




Some ready-to-eat dishes.



Steamed Egg Custard or Chawanmushi. There isn’t too much flavor in it – at all, but that’s prolly why I enjoyed it and consumed two bowls in a blink of an eye. It has a

IMG_1294(Drumroll!) Time for desserts.



My Personal Favorites are:

  • Meat, Seafood, and Vegetables Wrapped in Beef or Bacon are awesome! I love string mushrooms and asparagus! The wraps are well-marinated and thin enough to be cooked in 2-3 minutes. 
  • Oh my God for the Sushi Bar!
  • Say RAW meat. Their RAW is WAR.
  • The chocolate fondue and the assorted toppings. Perfect.
  • That steamed custard! It smells so good. I’d give it a 4.8.
  • I miss the Kamameshi Rice, like totally.

A few things:

  • The Miso Soup is average. Nothing beats Sumo Sam’s.
  • The Kimchi is a little dry.
  • I find dirty ice cream sold on streets better than their ice cream options.
  • I hope they do something about the cakes.
  • Their Uni Sushi or sea urchin is weird, or it’s just me. Maybe it’s me.


The cost per head is way beyond reasonable. Just the Sushi itself could cost me more than Php 200.00 for a single serving of  5-6 slices on a regular restaurant, and I always consume no less than 20 slices every visit.

I hope I have more photos and/or info for you but I didn’t consider blogging about food until recently.

However, you can visit their main site at

And again, for reservations, call 09178107833.



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